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For sale, this lovely KITFOX Classic IV Speedster taildragger.


Reason for sale:
Building a plane is such a fun process that I want to do it again. Along with a childhood friend, I'm going to build a completely different model. I do not want and can not have two devices on hold: not emotionally, not technically nor financially. So for the PH FOX I want to find another good home in time.

This plane is build and registered as an Experimental VLA. That means, among other things, that this Kitfox can make use of it’s maximum MTOW, and that the owner is doing maintenancet, and for example, determines on-condition situations. Including hangaring EHMZ if desired.

PH-FOX is a wonderful flying plane that can be qualified in all respects as high-performance: for example, takeoff and landing characteristics are very special! The flaperons provide you with steering capacity in very low speeds (even in stall). Crosswind Landings are now far more easy!Because of its large tail and rudder the Kitfox handles wonderfully light, with almost no response time. Yet she is not "twitchy" and will also fly hands-off just fine. Inexperienced passengers who want to steer just can directly manage with this unit.
The flaperons also serve as a (mechanical) trim: No more waiting in T & G configuration, and no possible disfunctioning of any kind.
PH FOX has been hangared during her short life in a heated hangar in Zeeland the Netherlands (EHMZ), and is also on display there. 
Mail for info kitfoxclassiciv@gmail.com.

Kitfox Classic IV taildragger Speedster (short wings)

- Flaperons (flaps + ailerons)
- Trim mechanically via flaperons
- Age about 60 hr, built in October 2013
- Built per manual Kitfox LLC
- All construction administration available, including construction manuals
  • Excellent visibility to all sides: glass roof; cockpit front, and side-windows. Big window in turtle-deck;
  • Plexiglass' bubble'-doors, which you can also open during the flight (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtLVPBNkv9k)
- Large luggage capacity. Max capacity 16.5 KG

- MTOW 544 KG
- Empty weight 327KG
- Tank capacity 14.5 USG (wing tank + header tank)
- Consumption 14L / hr (4800 RPM)
- Differential brakes (PIC only)
- Double steering
- Landing Light
- AC Light
- 2 life jackets Baltic Winner 150 (non-automatic, selfinflators)

Rotax 912 UL 80HP
Age about 850 hr, second owner
All SB’s and maintenance provable with OP TA

- Oil and Coolant Thermostat thermostat built-in
- Oil and coolant cooler built-in
- Auxilary fuel pump built-in
- CVV built-in

IVOProp UltraLight
Age approx 60hr
- Ground adjustable
- 2- or 3-bladed composite blades
- Retrofit electrical In Flight Adjustment possible

- MGL V10 Radio (8:33 kHz including in-board intercom)
- Two headsets
- Trigg T21 / T22 transponder (S-mode)
- Sarlink 2883 type 350B PLB
  • Garmin 296 GPS
  • 12V auxilary plug
- Bezel Switches
- In Panel circuit brakers
- Separate power- and negative bus
- Vernier throttle
- Ignition key with spare key (L, R, BOTH)
- Further 'round' gauges, as befits such a model: VSI; ASI; oil P & T; CHT; volt / AMP; compass; clock; fuel gauge; OAT / IAT; Hobbs;

Fly Costs
EUR 32.00 "wet"
EUR 54.00 all-in without depreciation
EUR 66,50 all inclusive including depreciation
View operating costs is available due to a recent excel sheet.

Dimensions LxWxH 7.90x8.84x1.77 (meters)
Dimensions storage (with folded wings) LxWxH 8.84x2.50x1.77 (meters)
Vno 85MPH (5000TPM)
Vne 125mph
Vx 54MPH: 1100FMP (like sitting in a high-speed elevator!)
Stall 38MPH (solo, 43MPH DUO)
15kt crosswind component (proven)
Simple folding of wings by one person 
(See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUqSvG4V5co)
STOL characteristics: TakeOff (0-wind) <80 meters (Duo seats) - 60 meters must be feasible;-)
(See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opko90UjpUg)

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